Nanolex Car Care Products

Nanolex is a German distributor of the highest quality professional car care supplies on the market. Nanolex car care products, car paint sealants and auto glass sealants protect effectively from dirt and small scratches, and keeps the shine for years. Nanolex products are designed for both private and professional use. The nanotechnology applies nano-structures onto the surface of the car, creating a super-hydrophobic and therefore water-rejecting surface. This allows for easier and faster cleaning, as well as increased protection of paint, glass, textile and alloy surfaces.

With the Nanolex car care products applied to your car, it will take longer for dirt to bond to the surface and it will be more difficult for substances to burn into the protected surface at high temperatures. Nanolex car care products and car sealants also make future cleaning a much easier and faster job than ever before.

Founded in 2007 as a wholesale car care products distributor, Nanolex quickly spread across Europe and then throughout the world. Nanolex retailers and wholesale distributors are located from the United States to South Korea and Australia. Click here for a full list of Nanolex car care supplies.

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