Professional Auto Alloy Sealant

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Nanolex Professional Auto Alloy Sealant is a high quality German auto sealant that protects alloy surfaces from dirt particles, surface scratches and break wear. The Nanolex car care experts specialize in car sealant products and maintain an excellent supply of professional auto sealants, as well as other professional car care products.

Durability of the professional auto alloy sealant can vary depending on the alloy. This quality Nanolex car care product seals and protects alloy surfaces from outside elements and effectively prevents break dust from burning into the wheel. Once the alloy wheel sealant is applied to rims, they become incredibly easy to clean with pressurized water.

Professional Auto Alloy Sealant works similarly to Nanolex car paint sealants and car window sealants through the advanced nanotechnology. This forms a protective nanotech microfilm on the alloy surface, protecting it from water, break dust and other harmful substances that often collect on alloy wheels and rims.

Nanolex Professional Auto Alloy Sealant:

  • Uses nanotechnology seal to protect alloy
  • Protects alloy from break wear and break dust
  • Ensures long-term, quality protection
  • Makes cleaning and car care easier
  • Designed for both private and professional use

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