Ultra Auto Glass Sealant

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Nanolex Ultra Auto Glass Sealant protects effectively from dirt and small scratches, and keeps the shine for years. Similar to other Nanolex car care products and auto sealants, the Ultra Car Glass Sealant protects and seals the surface by creating a hydrophobic microfilm that coats the glass on a microscopic level. Nanolex Ultra Auto Glass Sealant is densely concentrated and seals car windows for up to two years.

The hydrophobic car window sealant is great in wet weather because it makes water roll right off of the surface. In addition to sealing car glass and keeping your car windows clean, the Ultra Nanolex car care product improves driving visibility and safety on the road.

Nanolex Ultra Auto Glass Sealant will:

  • Provide excellent protection from dirt particles adhering to glass
  • Increase protection from small surface scratches
  • Decrease build-up on windows
  • Make windows easier to clean
  • Improve driving visibility in rainy weather