Premium Auto NanoWax

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Nanolex Premium Auto NanoWax is the highest quality car wax product on the market. NanoWax combines many of our car care products to create a single, high quality surface refresher and protector. After properly applying the NanoWax car wax, this product will protect the surface of your car for up to nine months. NanoWax German auto wax also makes car washing easier.

The technology behind the Nanowax car waxing product is the nanotechnological. The nanotech microfilm covers and smoothes the surface, decreasing the ability for dirt particles cling to the surface of the car. Dirt and unwanted particles can be removed simply by using a microfiber towel. Cleaning is greatly reduced after the NanoWax application.

The nano-abrasive technology also refreshes Nanolex car paint sealants previously applied. Like all of the Nanolex car care products, the high quality German auto wax is designed for both private and professional use.

Nanolex Premium Auto NanoWax:

  • Is easy to use
  • Refreshes car paint
  • Provides UV protection
  • Reinforces Nanolex car paint sealants
  • Protects car surfaces and keep its shine