Premium Auto reactivating Shampoo

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Nanolex Premium Auto Reactivating Shampoo is designed to protect car surfaces in a single step by applying a protective microfilm to surfaces of your car. The premium quality auto shampoo uses advanced nanotechnology to refresh any other Nanolex car care products applied in the past, such as a premium car paint sealant or premium alloy sealant.

The Premium Reactivating Car Shampoo was designed to make car care easier and more convenient than ever before. The highly efficient, very concentrated car shampoo requires a small amount with each use. If used on a regular basis, the reactivating car shampoo will build a protective microfilm on your car. The Nanolex car care product leaves the surface incredibly smooth  and shiny, even decreasing wind resistance.

Nanolex Premium Auto Reactivating Shampoo:

  • Protects car surface in a single step
  • Builds a protective microfilm
  • Uses advanced nanotechnology
  • Makes car care easier and more convenient
  • Refreshes other car care products applied in the past