Premium Textile & Leather Sealants

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Nanolex Premium Textile & Leather Sealant protects car textiles and leather interiors elements, ensuring the interiors remain spotless and new. The Premium Textile & Leather Sealant is a hydrophobic sealant that provides increased protection for interiors, fabrics and leather surfaces by protecting them from water, dirt particles and other substances. The product will maintain the appearance of interiors by protecting from aging and fading.

Similar to other Nanolex premium car care products and sealants, the leather interior sealant and car interior sealant applies a nanotech sealant that completely repels all dirt and water. The car fabric sealant and leather interior sealant completely protects, seals and even makes cleaning easier. The Nanolex the Leather Interior Sealant and Car Interior Sealant ensure that leather and fabrics stay colorful and breathable.

Nanolex sealants will not not change the appearance car interiors. Through advanced nanotechnology, substances will not be able to adhere to the interiors or ruin their natural color. Like all Nanolex premium car sealants, the premium interior car sealants make cleaning and car care incredibly easy.

Nanolex Premium Textile & Leather Sealant:

  • Ensures fabrics and leathers remain clean and vibrant
  • Uses nanotechnology to repel water and dirt particles
  • Provides complete UV protection of textiles
  • Protects car interiors from age and weathering
  • Makes cleaning and car care easier
  • Protects textiles and leathers from color change and fading