Premium Convertible Textile Sealant

Convertible Top Sealant | Car Textile Sealant | Car Fabric Protection - Image

Nanolex Premium Convertible Top Sealant protects car textiles and convertible top surfaces for outside elements, ensuring convertible tops remain spotless. The Premium Convertible Top Sealant is a hydrophobic sealant provides increased protection for convertible top fabric by protecting the surface from water and dirt particles, maintaining the look of a brand new, clean convertible top.

The Nanolex Premium Convertible Textile Sealant is specifically designed for convertible top textile surfaces. Using nanotechnology, the sealant completely repels dirt and water like other Nanolex car care products, and provides complete UV protection of textile convertible tops. The convertible top sealant ensures fabrics will remain clean and vibrant.

The convertible top sealant will not alter the look of your convertible top. The convertible textile will appear the same color and texture as it did the day you purchased the car. Additionally, the Nanolex Premium Convertible Top Sealant will ensure that substances can not adhere to fabrics or ruin their natural color.

Nanolex Premium Convertible Textile Sealant:

  • Ensures fabrics remain clean and vibrant
  • Uses nanotechnology to repel water and dirt particles
  • Provides complete UV protection of textiles
  • Protects from elements and weathering
  • Makes cleaning and car care easier