Nanolex Product Applications

Nanolex car care products share similar qualities and incorporate state-of-the-art nanotechnology to create and maintain a self-cleaning surface to car paint, windows, alloy, leather and textiles.

The Nanolex car paint sealants are specifically designed for car paint through the innovative nanotechnology and locus effect. Nanolex auto sealants are also designed for alloy surfaces and alloy rims. Durability of the auto alloy sealant can vary depending on the alloy. Once the alloy sealant is applied to rims they become incredibly easy to clean with pressurized water. The Nanolex car glass sealant is similar to the paint and alloy sealants, but is especially useful due to the hydrophobic qualities, which repel water during wet weather and aid in driver safety.

Nanolex textile and leather auto sealants are excellent at keeping car interiors as fresh as the day they were first installed. Nanolex hydrophobic sealants protect any surface from water and dirt particles, ensuring high quality car interiors as well as increased protection for convertible tops. Finally, the Premium NanoWax car wax and Auto Reactivating Car Shampoo apply a protective microfilm to surfaces of your car. The premium quality car shampoo and car wax use nanotechnology to refresh any past applications of Nanolex products.

See the Nanolex product manuals and car care product pages for additional information and detailed descriptions of the high quality German car care products.