Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant Set  Nanolex Complete Set

Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant Set Nanolex Complete Set  - Image

This flagship nanotechnology kit from Nanolex contains everything you need to clean and seal your exterior glass for upwards of twelve months at a time. The initial decontamination step is tackled with Nanolex Premium Glass Polish. This is a water-based polish that uses quartz micro-abrasives and citric acid to remove all traces of bonded surface contamination and leave glass surfaces feeling perfectly smooth. The second preparation step is performed with Nanolex Premium Glass Cleaner. This is an alcohol-based chemical cleaning agent that strips all lingering traces of residual grease and grime, leaving squeaky-clean surfaces for the sealant to adhere to. Protection is then added with Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant. This is an advanced nanotechnology coating that lays down a hydrophobic barrier layer that repels rain, sleet and snow upon contact. As a result, rain drops and road spray simply bead up and roll off of treated surfaces, or are blown off by airflow when driving speeds rise above 30 mph. In addition, this beading also tends to pick up and carry away fresh dirt and grime, meaning that the coating is partially self-cleaning (akin to the Lotus Effect in nature). Kit contains Premium Glass cleaner 100ml, Premium Glass polish 100ml, Ultra Glass sealant 30ml, 1 microfiber towel and applicator pads.

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